The People

When working in hazardous areas you need the right people to get you there, keep you safe and, in an emergency situation, get you back out. Element Safety instructors are all serving or ex front line emergency service personnel who also operate as our safety & rescue team members. Why trust your safety to amateurs, who will do their best until the professionals arrive, when you could just use the professionals?

The Skills

Every one of our instructors and safety team members is highly skilled and qualified in all areas of safe access and specialist rescue. They are City & Guilds qualified with Diplomas in Specialist Rescue and many years of experience working to train others to minimise their risk and the risk that may be posed to others. So, when you choose Element Safety you are not just ticking a box, you are benefiting from the knowledge, skill and experience of highly qualified rescue professionals.


The Experience

All our safety team members and instructors have years of experience in rescue work with the emergency services. They have spent decades training, maintaining safety and performing rescues in some of the most challenging and dangerous locations. Their backgrounds are as varied as sport climbing, caving and on site engineering, and as such understand the problems relating to site management.



  • Diplomas in Specialist Rescue & Incident Management
  • BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
  • Rope Operator Instructors
  • Rope Supervisors
  • City & Guilds Confined Spaces
  • IOSH


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