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As well as confined space and height training, we can support you with further training through a few trusted partners, equipment hire and recalibration.

We also support you with guides, templates, blogs and videos offering reviews and answers to frequently asked questions.

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What is a Steep Slope

What is a steep slope? It seems a simple question – “What is a steep slope”. However it’s massively open to opinion – what actually is a steep slope! Is it for leisure or work? SO here’s our opinion for Working on a steep slope. A steep slope is above 33 degrees – based on […]

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What is a confined space?

What is a confined space?  Well it isn’t what everyone may think… They don’t have to be small – they can be massive [think as big as a ships hold!], they can even be open like a building site trench, and you may not even be doing any task in the space.   What is […]

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Working at height without a safety harness

Working at height without a safety harness can’t be done right? Well – it depends… If the type of work your team are doing can avoid “working at height”, then YES!YES – you are able to work at height without a safety harness. What is working at height without a safety harness? Basically, any “working […]

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