Is planning and managing your work at height a heavy weight?

Not quite sure what options are available?

Who is responsible?

How to assess the hazard?

How you should plan work at height?

What actually is a “Rescue Plan”? 

How do I even safely go and assess the hazard?

Work at Height for Managers 22nd Feb

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Need those champions?

ITM Power did exactly that....

created a team of champions to manage their work at height.

We’ve all done a bit of Work at Height, but nobody is an expert in EVERYTHING.

That’s impossible.

Seeking out the knowledge and experience of others to supplement your own or to make a team of champions, that seems to just make sense.

You’ve learnt what height is, you’ve decided your team need to access places at height… Now you need to know:

  • What to look for
  • What to put in place
  • How to look after the team whilst they are there
  • What to do if something doesn’t go to plan…

Employers and managers of teams need detailed knowledge and understanding of work at height to assist them to recognise it, the equipment needed, how to control it, produce method statements, risk assessments and rescue plans.

If you need to know what work at height is and how to control (or avoid) it, then this is for you.

Bonus Supporting Documents

After the training – we’re still here for you.

Manager students get access to this exclusive page of notes, guides and templates 

As we edit, update and add resources – you’ll have access.

Luke Shaw HSE Advisor at ITM-Power


“The course was excellent, a real eye opener and serves as a good refresher even for my nebosh gen cert days.
Will be looking within the business to streamline our W@H training your way as other businesses and training providers don’t compare”.