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You’re not going to work at height…

In fact you are planning to avoid it – or manage any work at height for others to be safer.

The safest place – is keeping your feet on the ground, or at least on a safe working platform, such as a fully guarded floor accessed ideally by a staircase and away from an open edge but…

Gaining some knowledge, you will be able to avoid (or minimise) exposure to height situations.

This will also help you manage the work of the team, know how to coordinate, plan and deal with the height hazard to make it as safe as possible.

Ways to avoid working at height may include observation, operating long handled tools, taking remote readings or even use of CCTV from drones.

Heading 2

But, if being at height can’t be avoided, we take your awareness knowledge, we then build upon it to plan the work. To ask the what if questions, to think through the task, the people involved, their training and confidence, the equipment they need…

and to think about rescue.

To reduce the risk to your people to the very minimum – for the shortest period of time.

However, planning the access and work is only part of it.

Planning the works, controlling the environment at and around the space, knowing how to access, work, and what to do in an emergency.

Work At Height flow chart

Managers – Unsure which level of height?

This easy guide will help you.

Download here
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Work At Height Awareness

Need to know what working at height is and how to avoid it?

Working at height training

Then this course is for you.  (Click the course title above for the full course information and booking details.)

Some of the industries we work with for height awareness include

  • Maintenance or facilities management teams
  • Manufacturing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction workers
  • Surveyors


Work At Height Manager

You’ve learnt what work at height is, you’ve decided your team need to be exposed at height….

Working at Height Manager Training

What do you look for before they are exposed?

How do you know what systems and procedures to put in place to keep them operating safely?

How do you look after your team whilst they are up (or down) there?

And, what do you do if something doesn’t go to plan?

This course will give you all the answers!  (Click the course title above for the full information and booking details.)

Some of the industries we work with for work at height manager training include

  • Maintenance management teams in universities or colleges
  • Food production supervisors in commercial bakeries
  • Managing directors & Operations managers from various industries
  • Business owners of scaffolding and ground works companies



Advice, assistance with managing your working and rescue teams, tips and support.



Need confined space training, 1st Aid or Manual handling training to support your rescue solution?


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Height Equipment

In addition to the training, you need the right access and rescue equipment.

We sell individual items, kits as well as build bespoke packs.


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