Rescue Height Training

If it doesn’t go to plan! See our courses

Life happens!

All we can do is prepare for reasonably foreseeable problems, equipment defects, injured or incapacitated personnel, environmental issues can all happen…

That means you need a rescue plan.

Part of that plan MAY require a standby rescue team… or teaching and equipping your own team may be a more suitable answer.

Having your own rescue team (and / or having rescue systems available) can allow you to react quicker, plan tasks more easily and train for your specific environment.

That means you need a rescue plan.

More than that, rescue from height teaches you (and your team) to ask the what if questions, think through the tasks, pay close attention to the briefings and help the working teams.

Training to rescue from height brings home the importance of working safely, you have a real grasp of the consequences and it makes you a better team member when working at height.

By being more prepared, by helping the height teams, makes you a more informed member of any rescue team, meaning the less the likelihood of an incident occurring…

and if it does, the better the chance of a successful rescue.

Work At Height flow chart

Rescuers – ask the questions of the team and the managers, can we reduce the risk at height?

This easy guide will help you

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Rescue From Height

What if an incident occurs at height?

Rescue from Height Training

Equipment jamming, a damaged eye, limb, body, or other medical issue…

a fall and hanging in suspension…

all need swift action.

A person taking command, controlling the rescue effort, with trained people using the right equipment.

This general rescue from height course builds on your work at height skills, teaches how to deal with the situation, easy capture, lift and lower of a casualty, packaging them for transport and liaison with the emergency services.  (Click the course title above for the full course information and booking details.)

Some of the industries we work with for rescue from height include

  • Maintenance or facilities management teams
  • Manufacturing
  • Scaffolders
  • Engineers
  • Construction workers


Rescue From Height (Custom Made)

Some rescues are just not off the peg.

Rescue from Height Training

They may need a specific set of skills to lift, lower, move and drag across differing and complex sites, often with multi stage systems required.

Anchors may be difficult, with multiple levels, vertical ladders, tricky edges, slipforms, silos, overhead and tower cranes, to name but a few.

Your particular requirements may need elements from across our skills range to be brought together with the right equipment to form a tailored rescue solution.

(Click the course title above for the full information and booking details.)

Some of the industries we work with bespoke rescue from height training include

  • Engineers in construction
  • Food production teams in commercial bakeries
  • Maintenance engineers working on silos
  • Monitoring teams on tall industrial chimneys



Advice, assistance with clarifying your height and rescue options, tips and support.



Need confined space training, 1st Aid or Manual handling training to support your rescue solution?

Need Awareness or Manager training to help you and the rest of the team?


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Rescue from Height Equipment

In addition to the training, you need the right access and rescue equipment.


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