At Height

The safest place is on the ground! See our courses

[or at least on a safe working platform]

The first question asked should always be “do you really need to go up (or down) there?”

Our Height Training will help you answer that question.

If a person, or team, do need to be exposed to height to do the task, whether working there for two minutes or all day, they are exposed to the risk and in the greatest danger!

Practical training for them is essential.

Work At Height flow chart

Unsure which level of height risk?

This easy guide will help you.

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Safe Work At Height

If the task simply cannot be done from the ground (or safe working platform) and needs the freedom of movement at height, you must be able to work at height safely.

Safe Work at Height Training

If the edges need to be unprotected, if you need to work on (or on the outside) of a structure, then you need to know how to assess and build anchors, apply system redundancy, minimise and arrest a fall, set up work restraint and use work positioning.

Oh, and rescue plans are important too!

Because no one ever thinks they’ll fall and everyone has a (different) idea about what to do.

To learn more about being safer our height training will help. To practically be safer whilst working at height, please click on the course title above.

Some of the professions we work with for Safe Work at Height include:

  • Maintenance teams in engineering
  • Asbestos operatives
  • Scaffolders
  • Engineers
  • Utility or service installers
  • Environmental consultants
  • Plumbers & Electricians


Ladders & Stepladders

If you or your team need to work at relatively low level for a short period of time – with correct equipment and training, this may be suitable.

Height Training Ladders and Stepladders

Work is not ‘reasonably practicable’ by any other means

Then this course is for you.  (Click the course title above for the full course information and booking details.)

Some of the industries we work with for ladders & stepladders include

  • Telecoms
  • Signalling Infrastructure
  • Electrical engineering


Embankments - Working on Slopes

Are you working on a slope? Despite being able to stand on your feet (and probably on the ground), there is still the potential to fall down the slope… (and people do)

Working on Slopes

You are still working at height, but differently…

Initially our slopes course was designed simply for vegetation management teams working near railway and highway infrastructure. However this training and our packs allow non-rope people in various industries to work safely, be supervised, assisted – and have a built-in rescue system, ready when you need it.

For more information about this course and booking details, please click on the course title above.

Some of the professions we work with for Working on / Recovery from Slopes include:

  • Surveyors
  • Search teams
  • Vegetation maintenance teams



Advice, assistance with managing your working and rescue teams, tips and support.



Need confined space training, 1st Aid or Manual handling training to support your rescue solution?

Need Awareness or Manager training to help you and the rest of the team?


further resources

Further Resources, Blogs & Videos

Just extras which may help!


Safe Work at Height Equipment

In addition to the training, you need the right access, working and rescue equipment.

We sell individual items, kits as well as build bespoke packs.


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